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A subset S of a metric space M , d is bounded if it is contained in a ball of finite radius, i. M , d is a bounded metric space or d is a bounded metric if M is bounded as a subset of itself.

In topological vector spaces , a different definition for bounded sets exists which is sometimes called von Neumann boundedness. If the topology of the topological vector space is induced by a metric which is homogeneous , as in the case of a metric induced by the norm of normed vector spaces , then the two definitions coincide. A set of real numbers is bounded if and only if it has an upper and lower bound.

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This definition is extendable to subsets of any partially ordered set. Note that this more general concept of boundedness does not correspond to a notion of "size". The element k is called an upper bound of S. The concepts of bounded below and lower bound are defined similarly.

See also upper and lower bounds. A subset S of a partially ordered set P is called bounded if it has both an upper and a lower bound, or equivalently, if it is contained in an interval. Note that this is not just a property of the set S but also one of the set S as subset of P.


A bounded poset P that is, by itself, not as subset is one that has a least element and a greatest element. Note that this concept of boundedness has nothing to do with finite size, and that a subset S of a bounded poset P with as order the restriction of the order on P is not necessarily a bounded poset.


A subset S of R n is bounded with respect to the Euclidean distance if and only if it bounded as subset of R n with the product order. Share This Paper.

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Tightening the bound estimate of structural reliability under imprecise probability information Cao Wang , Zhang Hao , Michael Beer. Computing tight bounds of structural reliability under imprecise probabilistic information Cao Wang , Hao Zhang , Michael Beer.

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