Heavenly Atmosphere in the Family

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We further believe that within our environment, children can thrive and have the opportunity to blossom into responsible and contributing members of our society. We require on-going training for our staff through state classes, orientation videos, in-house training and other certified professionals in the education field.

It is our philosophy to focus on the needs of the individual child by providing a stimulating atmosphere for learning along with a secure loving environment. The culture of the Center is very family like and cultured.


The job itself is very stressful. The communication level could be better. Very friendly and family-oriented staff!!

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Everyone that stays employed at Heavenly Kids develops a very close relationship. It is a very good place o employment most of the time.

Tuesday-Sunday: 11:00-2:30 p.m. and 4:30-9:30 p.m.

The most enjoyable part of the job is being able to be an intricate part of the early education of little ones. Five Star daycare.

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Very great place to work. Coworkers very respectable towards each other. Main focus is teaching children for next level of life. Very great place for teaching and preparing children to reach their next level of growth. Other foolish suppositions have been put forward, as though these were matters of importance.

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May God help His people to think rationally. Jesus Will Explain —Long have we waited for our Saviour's return. But none the less sure is the promise.


Soon we shall be in our promised home. There Jesus will lead us beside the living stream flowing from the throne of God, and will explain to us the dark providences through which He led us in order to perfect our characters.

There we shall see on every hand the beautiful trees of Paradise, in the midst of them the tree of life. There we shall behold with undimmed vision the beauties of Eden restored. There we shall cast at the feet of our Redeemer the crowns that He has placed on our heads, and, touching our golden harps, we shall offer praise and thanksgiving to Him that sitteth on the throne.

Full of Joy —Heaven is full of joy. It resounds with the praises of Him who made so wonderful a sacrifice for the redemption of the human race. Should not the church on earth be full of praise?

heavenly kids center for learning Employee Reviews in Columbus, OH

Should not Christians publish throughout the world the joy of serving Christ? Those who in heaven join with the angelic choir in their anthem of praise must learn on earth the song of heaven, the keynote of which is thanksgiving. Jesus will receive you, all polluted as you are, and will wash you in His blood, and cleanse you from all pollution, and make you fit for the society of heavenly angels, in a pure, harmonious heaven.

There is no jar, no discord, there. All is health, happiness, and joy.


No Pain There —Pain cannot exist in the atmosphere of heaven. There will be no more tears, no funeral trains, no badges of mourning. Holiness Reigns Supreme —In heaven God is all in all.

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  6. There, holiness reigns supreme; there is nothing to mar the perfect harmony with God. If we are indeed journeying thither, the spirit of heaven will dwell in our hearts here.

    heavenly kids center for learning Employee Reviews in Columbus, OH

    But if we find no pleasure now in the contemplation of heavenly things; if we have no interest in seeking the knowledge of God, no delight in beholding the character of Christ; if holiness has no attractions for us—then we may be sure that our hope of heaven is vain. Perfect conformity to the will of God is the high aim to be constantly before the Christian. He will love to talk of God, of Jesus, of the home of bliss and purity which Christ has prepared for them that love Him. Perfect Order —God is a God of order.

    Everything connected with heaven is in perfect order; subjection and thorough discipline mark the movements of the angelic host. Success can only attend order and harmonious action.

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